Monday, February 6, 2012

Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday I took the kids to a little birthday party at the park. We had loads of fun, candy, and cake :) This was the make up I wore that day. I listed the items i used. Lately I've been working better on my eyebrows for some reason I have been obsessed over them . Have a good Monday everyone!

This is the 98 Color palette. I used a yellow and an orange on the eyelid. I also used a white from this palette on my inner corner. All this color have shimmer.

                   I forgot to take a picture of the color I used for my the blending color. I used a matte pink by Mark. Then for the crease I used  buck from my Naked palette.

I used UD primer potion. For the eyeliner I use two different type of liquid eyeliner; for the inner eyelid I use Loreal Linear Intense since I like the inner part nice and thin. Now for the outter part I used Almay. For my mascara I used Lash Blast.

That is all....

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