Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Suns Game

On Monday night my sister invited me to go see the Phoenix Suns who I loveeeee! I was so happy to go since we had access to their pregame warm up. Believe it or not, for the past 3 years I've had a picture of Jared Dudley on the dashboard of my car. He is my favorite ! I was able to see him and like a crazy fanatic I ranned yelling his name towards him. I felt like such a major loser hahaha. As the usher yelled nooo I was not gonna miss my chance to talk to him. I was able to get his autograph but not speak to him I was so nervous I was literally speechless :( He is the sweetest I was the first to get to him since no had the courage to stop him. After I did everyone followed. I am usually not that much of a loser but oh well his just that awesome to me hahaha. I got his picture too :) I also got Channing Frye, Childress, and Morris autograph so I was one happy camper. Thought I would share my excitement with everyone :) Happy Hump Day everyoneee! I was in a hurry to get to the game so I look super busted but oh well :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looong but fun weekend!

Hello my fellow beauty bloggers! This weekend was a very long exciting one. We had family come over from San Diego. The men decided to go see a Diamondbacks game while the women went shopping. I took them to my favorite mall and before that we went to Last Chance my favorite store to bargain. I was so excited because I wanted to get myself some pumps for that night since we were planning on having a couples night out. I found this great bargain at Last Chance these Aldo pumps were on sale for $29.99 plus an extra 30% off. In total I got them for $19.99. I was stokeddddd this shoes are so seeeeexy! I couldn't wait to wear them. But let me tell you they were very comfortable at first, but with all the dancing and walking my feet ended up very sore. Anywho I still loved them! Its a small price to look pretty, and plus I just need to get used to the height. What do you guys think of them? They typically cost about $80 so for 19.99 it a steal!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Busy busy week (update)

Watch "Turn me on Nicki Minaj official Music Video tutorial" on YouTube

so for the past couple of weeks I have volunteering at Dress for Success. I am in charge of applying make up to underprivileged woman to help them on there job hunt. As I apply makeup I give them tips on how to appy work appropriate makeup. So far I have met many woman with different type of backgrounds and I am so happy to be able to help woman on there way to success, specially when they need a helping hand! Today they will be hosting a event at Guess with a spring fashion show which I will attend I will do my best to take pictures and post them up for you all. I am sooo excited to start networking and making a name for myself! I am current working on my March favorites and a review which I plan to post shortly. In the mean time here is the link to my newest tutorial inspired by Nicki Minaj "Turn me on" music video.   <----click here for video.    Have a marvelous day!