Monday, March 19, 2012

Physicians Formula Deal

Over the weekend I went over to my local Ross. Ross is one of my favorite store where I can find great deal on clothes, shoes, and makeup. For shoes they have great selections! They have great brand and lately have been having lots of Steve Madden heals ranging from $20 to $30! Intentionally I had to get some bedding for my bed since they have great prices on home good also. I went to there beauty aisle out of habit and I found this package which was marked at $6.99 which is a great price for Physician Formula. It came with three item, each item price runs for $5 and up. I got a great deal on them! I love a great BARGAIN :)

I fell in love with this custom blush! I use it to contour since its a little dark for my skin. It works great as you can either use the dark or light side.

The matte quad I was a more happy to get to work. As it turns out it is not as quite as pigmented as I would have wanted but its a good addition to my everyday eyeshadow. The colors are quite similar to some on the Naked palette. Its great that they are all matte colors.

The last thing it came with was the CoverToxTen50 which is what I use to set my foundation with. The reason I love this is because it reduces wrinkles.It is a translucent powder that can be used alone or with foundation.   Although I am only 21 years old it is never too early to prevent wrinkle. One of my new years resolution was to take better care of my skin and help it from getting wrinkle. Everyday I use my St. Ives rejuvenating cream along with this my skin look awesome and youthful. Remember the best fight against wrinkle is prevention!

Have a great weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful St. Patricks day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monthly favorites!!

This month I only had a few monthly favorites and here they are :)

This is Savina nail polish in the color marine life. This is a great color for the spring!

For mascara my favorite has definitely have to be Smashbox Full Exposure. I love this mascara because it make my eyelashes super long. The only down side I think is that it is a little sticky.

So in one of my hauls on my YouTube channel I mentioned this eye pencil from NYC in the color charcoal. It cost me maybe a dollar or maybe less. But this works very well and it has been used by me ever since on bought it. I have only used it on my eyebrows.

This palette is by Mark. I love it because of the very subtle color. This can be used on a daily basis. I do not use it daily since I don't wear eyeshadow everyday. This palette is called Sidney. It comes with 2 eyeshadow a blush and some lip products when you flip it. I absolutely fell in love with the blush. It a beauty pink and its a matte blush I loveeee it


Ok so this is another palette by Mark. Same concept as the last one. This eye shadow are very similar to the ones in the Urban Decay Naked palette. The light color is similar to Virgin and the dark brown is similar to Hustle except the mark. shadow has less shimmer. The blush is kind of a peachy color with shimmer. This palette is called Urban Neutrals. I typically use this alongside the last palette.

I have been using St. Ives timeless skin to prevent wrinkle. It works great! The only thing I do not like about this is that it leaves my skin a little oily.

This one is actually not beauty related but its my favorite. I purchased this at Ikea and I have it hanging in my living room. Isn't it beautiful?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Everyday makeup with a pop!

Heeeeellloooo ladies lately I've been busy with the fam bam I haven't been able to make any post but I have made some YouTube videos check out my latest quick and easy makeup tutorial. I will be posting about my February favorites either today or tomorrow . TGIF!!! Make sure to subscribe and comment to my YouTube channel it would mean a lot :)