Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monthly favorites!!

This month I only had a few monthly favorites and here they are :)

This is Savina nail polish in the color marine life. This is a great color for the spring!

For mascara my favorite has definitely have to be Smashbox Full Exposure. I love this mascara because it make my eyelashes super long. The only down side I think is that it is a little sticky.

So in one of my hauls on my YouTube channel I mentioned this eye pencil from NYC in the color charcoal. It cost me maybe a dollar or maybe less. But this works very well and it has been used by me ever since on bought it. I have only used it on my eyebrows.

This palette is by Mark. I love it because of the very subtle color. This can be used on a daily basis. I do not use it daily since I don't wear eyeshadow everyday. This palette is called Sidney. It comes with 2 eyeshadow a blush and some lip products when you flip it. I absolutely fell in love with the blush. It a beauty pink and its a matte blush I loveeee it


Ok so this is another palette by Mark. Same concept as the last one. This eye shadow are very similar to the ones in the Urban Decay Naked palette. The light color is similar to Virgin and the dark brown is similar to Hustle except the mark. shadow has less shimmer. The blush is kind of a peachy color with shimmer. This palette is called Urban Neutrals. I typically use this alongside the last palette.

I have been using St. Ives timeless skin to prevent wrinkle. It works great! The only thing I do not like about this is that it leaves my skin a little oily.

This one is actually not beauty related but its my favorite. I purchased this at Ikea and I have it hanging in my living room. Isn't it beautiful?

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